skin peeling and polishing

Soft, polished and exfoliate skin surface using PLG applicator.

A variety of 4 different diamond tip wands allow for steady, controlled results.

Benefits of skin peeling and polishing:

•    Smooth appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
•    Stimulates new cellular turnover
•    Helps with pigmentation and Acne
•    Improves skin texture and skin tone
Chemical peels can remove brown spots, improve skin tone, acne and diminish fine wrinkling. Our chemical peel treatments are performed by specialists in our clinics, who use solutions to improve and smooth the facial skin by removing damaged outer layers. It increases cellular turnover that results in a finer epidermis. At the same time, it nurses skin that’s dry or oily, sensitive, acne prone, and sun damaged.
We’re always on the lookout for ways to look much younger than our age. Because chemical peels are highly effective, more and more are visiting our clinic to get this treatment.


•    Two weeks prior to your peel of choice you will need to start preparing your skin:
•    Cleanse once a day with a specialised cleanser recommend by your dermal aesthetician.
•    Cleanse once a day with a specialised cleanser. The use of specialised pre-peel products recommend by your dermal aesthetician is essential in order to prepare your skin for the treatment, reduce side effects and provide the best possible results.
•    This skin care regime will build up your skin’s strength to obtain the treatment, help the skin peel more evenly and speed up the healing process after your peel.
•    It is also essential to protect your skin from sun exposure and use an SPF30+ sunscreen every day.

•    Your peel, the skin will be tender and will need gentle care.
•    Don’t Pick. The most important thing to remember after a chemical peel is to steer clear of picking, scrubbing or peeling the skin away yourself. Removing the skin prematurely can lead to complications such as hyper-pigmentation.
•    Avoid scrubs, exfoliants and acne cleansers unless otherwise instructed. These products will only further irritate the skin, therefore slowing down the healing process.
•    Again it’s essential to protect your skin from sun exposure. Make sure to use an SPF30+ or greater every day.